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Welcome to Water Witch Tiki

A tiki oasis in Savannah's Starland District

A tiki oasis in Savannah's Starland District, Water Witch Tiki serves up tiki cocktails with mariner myths and local lore of an ill-fated warship. With an elevated take on the classic culture, Water Witch merges island influences with brooding local storytelling with tropical overtures. The menu mixes tiki classics alongside our modern signature drinks. Aloha!

The Legend

Sailors watched as the USS Water Witch was burned off the coast of Savannah in 1864. Originally a Union ship, she’d been captured by the Confederate Navy in Ossabaw Sound earlier that summer and was set aflame to evade recapture. But her doom had been long-forecasted by those who manned and captained the sidewheel gunboat since her 1852 commissioning.

In fact, sailors historically side-eyed the ship, known for routine misfortune on the heels of telltale seafaring warnings: red sunrise, the siting of sirens, lurking sharks, and a faint unattributable whistling in the air. There are none more astute than the superstitious seaman, and those who could help it steered clear of service aboard her decks.

We know not what sealed her blazing destiny on that fateful December day, but we pay tribute to the lore of the sea and the legacy of the ill-fated vessel forever buried off our coast. Come raise a tiki drink in toast to the Water Witch and get sunk.

Modern Cocktails

USS Water Witch $11

Rhum Agricole, Whiskey, Citrus, Honey, Bitters, Ginger Beer

Sina and the Eel $13

Jamaican Rum, Don Q, Cream of Coconut, Lime,
Cinnamon Syrup, Honey

Ring of Fire $13

Sloe Gin, Naranja, Lime, Mint Syrup, Bitters

Exodus $10

Spiced Rum, Strawberry Banana Shrub, Pineapple 

Banana Spliff $14

Dark Rum, Bourbon, Banana Liquor, Mezcal, Bitters, Smoked

Witch’s Stash $13

Gin, Chartreuses Tincture, Pear Liquor, Agave Syrup, Citrus, Grapefruit Bitters 

Ruby’s Jewel $12

Blanco Tequila, Blue Berry Cognac Syrup, Agave Syrup, Lime, Blood Orange Juice

Wicked Punch $12

Rhubarb Gin, Black Rum, Crème De Noyaux, Pineapple, Orgeat, Lime, Bitters

Piña What? $12

Spiced Rum, Horchata Cream, Pineapple, Orange, Nutmeg

Frozen Libations

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